I have a user that has requested we copy her Shared Documents library from SharePoint 2007 team site to an existing SharePoint 2010 team site.

Can this be accomplished with OOB STSADM export/import commands?



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You can not do it with export/import.

Depending on how complex that doc lib is, you might want to copy that files manually or migrate the database that contains the library.

Maybe (maybe, because I have not tried it) you can save the list as a template and modify it in a way that you can use it in SP2010. But I don't know if it is supported. You have to...

  • Rename the .STP file to .CAB
  • Extract the manifest.xml
  • Search for "ProductVersion"
  • Change the value to "4"
  • Include the manifest.xml into the .CAB (you can use "makecab.exe" for that)
  • Change the extension back to .STP and upload it into the "_catalogs/lt"

Found it here


As noted by AlexPoint, you can't do it with stsadm. There are 3rd party tools to do this, but Bamboo Solutions has a pretty good overview of migrating lists from 2007 to 2010 without them. AlexPoint shows what I think is the simplest method above. Note, though, that if you have a lot of items in the list (thousands), it might not work. The other three options are (hit the link above for details):

  1. Use an access table (requires access. You'll lose created/modified info)
  2. detach the db (This is the most labor intensive and will fail if you used a fab40 template for the list in my experience)
  3. Use powershell

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