I'm looking for the best way (if there is one) to show the Modified and Created columns in a list/library with the date only, so without the time. For example, instead of 1/12/2011 8:37 PM it should show 1/12/2011 only. This should not happen on the whole farm/web app/site collection/site, but only for specific lists/libraries.

Things that I thought of so far

  • Adding a calculated column to the specific list/library, that takes the Modifed/Created column's value, and simply reformats to show the date only. Benefit: easy to implement. Drawback: Columns are no longer called Modified/Created. Not reusable, needs to be reimplemented each time
  • create a jQuery solution that hides the time on the client side. Benefit: easily reusable, columns are still named Modifed/Created. Drawback: jQuery code reference needs to be added to each view
  • update the Modified/Created column of the individual list/library to display date only through server-side code. Benefit: Columns are updated properly. Drawback: Not even sure if it's possible to update the formatting? Will the time be lost? Will sorting still work properly?

My preference is #1 at the moment, as it isn't even clear yet how large the scope if this will be (could even be just a few lists/libraries, but might end up with thousands as well).

Are there any other things I need to consider? Anything else that I haven't thought of yet?

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I would also use the calculated column. It's the most easy solution...

Also, if you use jQuery and you migrate to a newer version of sharepoint it could be that your jQuery won't work anymore. (+ you could get a visible change for users with slow computer > since you run this client-side)


use the third option:

$web = get-spweb http://thingy/
$list = $web.lists["List Name"]
$datefield = $list.fields["Date Field"]
$datefield.displayformat = [microsoft.sharepoint.spdatetimefieldformattype]::dateonly

No need to worry about data loss or sorting - the data's still held in a DateTime object, just displayed differently. I actually ran this on my site column instead of the list column, which seems a little bit dangerous because this column is used universally, but nothing has broken yet.


If you use a calculated column and you migrate to a newer version of SharePoint, it's more likely that that won't work. (Content Type-Need I say more). Microsoft is less backward compatible than ANY sofware manufacturer BY FAR!


You can create a calculated calculate column called ModifiedDateOnly and give it the formula:


The C# date text formatters seem to work although I haven't tried them all.

SharePoint Validation TEXT

C# DateTime String Formatters

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