I'd like to have a list of active squads (List A) in our company. The list should be filled with the squad name and the members. The people picker field should only display employees, which are stored in a dynamic List B.

Is it somehow possible to limit the search on the people picker?

  • Which version of SharePoint you are using? – Ganesh Sanap Mar 24 at 9:47
  • @GaneshSanap SharePoint Online from M365 Enterprise. – Der_Fab Mar 25 at 6:42
  • Try workaround given below...you can use SharePoint group to limit users in people picker field. – Ganesh Sanap Mar 25 at 7:37

This is not possible using out of the box capabilities of SharePoint.


  1. Limit employees using SharePoint group:

    You can limit the employees shown in people picker field using SharePoint group like -

    Person or Group column settings:

    enter image description here

  2. If you have stored the employee names in List B with (simple text or single value) columns which you can extend using lookup, you can use lookup column in List A instead of person or group column.

    Check supported column types in lookup at: Create list relationships by using unique and lookup columns

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