I am trying to retrieve a Managed Metadata column from a SharePoint list using a REST call. The column/field name is Department. I found this site, https://threewill.com/pulling-managed-metadata-values-via-rest/ and I tried the query with TaxCatchAll, but it gives me the below error:

"The field 'TaxCatchAll' is not supported in query. The lookup list is in another web."

_api/web/lists/getbytitle('ListName')/items?$select=*,TaxCatchAll/Department&$filter=TaxCatchAll/Department eq 'ListName'&$expand=TaxCatchAll";

That is the only source I can find, is there another way to go about this or is it not possible to GET?

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Retrieving TaxCatchAll column can help us get metadata id and term label.

Try to use this:

  _api/web/lists/getbytitle('ListName')/items?$select=Department,TaxCatchAll/ID,TaxCatchAll/Term&$filter=Department eq 'ListName'&$expand=TaxCatchAll

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