I have a main communication site acting as hub : Projects

I have several teams sites in this hub : Project A, Project B, Project C,...

in the main site Projects, I have a list that shows different data from the projects : Person in charge, Launch date, Supplier, ...

I would like that the team in charge of the project fill in info in the project site (i.e. Project A) and those data are aggregated in a master view in the Projects hub site.

I would like to get the functionalities of List (i.e. filters, different views,...)

Is there a way to do that in Sharepoint Office365?


If you want to display list from another site collection, for now we can only use highlighted content web part as a workaround. And We do not have functionalities like filters or views.

An example here:https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/answers/questions/57439/display-list-from-another-site-collection.html

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