I have a Master Sharepoint List (List A) and a Secondary List (List B). I have a Calculated Value in List B that is simply the Sum of Column values.

How would I best get that data to the Master Sharepoint list? Both tables use a User Email as a primary key (in addition to the built in ID key for Sharepoint Lists).

Since I am much more visual than verbal....my Master List would ideally be pulling its List B Total Score directly from List B. See below:

Master List

Email Site List B Total Score
[email protected] Mars 30
[email protected] Jupiter 40

List B

Email Test 1 Test 2 Test 3 Total Score
[email protected] 10 10 10 30
[email protected] 10 10 20 40

I have tried browsing through here for a solution and have even been checking the MS forums for some insight. I may just be using the wrong terms to try and figure out how to perform this operation so any help at all is greatly appreciated.

  • Can you simply copy the Total scores from your list B to list A using the "Data View" mode? Commented Mar 11, 2021 at 3:36
  • If you're looking for a combined view instead of copying data from ListB to ListA, you can take a look at this video describing how to Link two lists using SharePoint Designer. I think, you could link on [Email] column and show desired fields in the view. It's old school, not verified in SPO Commented Mar 11, 2021 at 3:43

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We could create a Microsoft flow to copy the calculated data to another list.

See following steps:

  1. Add the trigger in Mater list(When an item is created or modified), then use "Get items" action to get all items from ListB:

enter image description here

2.Use a loop action "Apply to each" to process a list of items, then add a compose to remove decimal points on calculated column:


enter image description here

3.Add condition action to check if email in ListB is equal to email in Master list:

enter image description here

4.If it is true, update the related column in Master list with Total Score composed value in List B:

enter image description here


enter image description here

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