How can I fill a Power app textbox as a result of of 5 dropdown selection? Depending which selection you make on a dropdown, it should give you a statement definition inside the TextBox. I have attached a picture to clarify. Let me know if you need any more details.

Thanks a million! Joseimage_description


You can write all the texts with conditions on the multiple selections and define the default value for the textbox. It will take a lot of manual work for sure.

For example, use the following formula on the Text property of the Label control:

If(And(ComboBox1.Selected.Value = "Shopfloor", ComboBox2.Selected.Value = "5S", ComboBox3.Selected.Value = "People & collaboration", ComboBox4.Selected.Value = "Level 1"), "All areas including EPU office footprint (under a roof or outside) is cut in reasonable zones on a layout (smaller chunks): clear territories Temporary footprint is available (For Pre-Serial). There is a 5S deployment plan displayed covering all the areas (within 1 year max)", "")

The Label control will display the sample contents once you define the required selections, or it remains empty.

For other conditions, trap the texts in the second If condition and so on.

References: Defining default values for complex SharePoint types in forms. / Formula reference for Power Apps.

  • Chelsea, thanks a million for your support. I have tried for one statement, and it works nicely. However, there are over 1000 statements. It would be a great functionality to have. But time wise, it is not feasible. Thanks again for support and help! :)
    – Jose1978
    Mar 9 '21 at 13:40

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