I have a list with a display form for which I have specified a different rendering WebPart: DataFormWebPart as opposed to the default ListFormWebPart.

This caused some issues with the Ribbon. I managed to figure out what was going on but now I have another issue which can be seen in the images of that post.

I have a Page tab in the display form. All other display forms don't have it. There is just a View tab.

It's possible that again the ListFormWebPart is doing something different and removes the Page tab, but I just want to be sure (so as to not head on a wrong path and tear the ListFormWebPart apart to see what's going on for nothing).

Is the Page tab controlled by certain WebParts? Or another way of putting it: in what conditions does the Page tab appear on a form?

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Couldn't figure out if the WebPart is doing something, but I managed to remove the tab with currentRibbon.TrimById("Ribbon.WebPartPage") just like in the other question of mine.

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