I'm trying to figure out how to disregard weekends in a calculated column's formula. The column is for a due date and it's supposed to add 3 days to today's date. But I want it to skip over the weekends.

For example, if the list item is created on a Friday, I want it to be due Wednesday of the following week, not Monday morning.

Right now I'm using the following formula in the column to add 3 days:

formatDateTime(addDays(utcNow(), 3), 'MM-dd-yyyy')

How can I make it skip weekends?

Thank you!

  • Where are you adding this formula in SharePoint? It's not a valid command for a calculated column. The formula you show is Power Automate, not SharePoint. Please explain the context that you're working in.
    – teylyn
    Mar 3, 2021 at 19:26

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You can try the below as described at StackExchange Post

=[Start Date]+TRUNC(([Quoted Days]-1)/5,0)*7+MOD(([Quoted Days]-1),5)+IF(WEEKDAY([Start Date])+MOD(([Quoted Days]-1),5)>6,2,0)-IF(WEEKDAY([Start Date])=7,1,0)-IF(AND(OR(WEEKDAY([Start Date])=7,WEEKDAY([Start Date])=1),MOD(([Quoted Days]-1),5)=0),2,0)

  • If the question has already been answered previously, please mark it as a duplicate instead of duplicating the answer.
    – teylyn
    Mar 3, 2021 at 19:41

Please the following steps:

1.Go to the list, and create a Calculated column

2.Use the following Formula:


3.Select "Data and Time" as the returned data type

enter image description here

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