I created a document library with quite a large number of content types which I also display as a column in the library, e.g. Brochures, Photos, Technical Manuals, etc. However, if someone types "brochure", "photo" or "technical manual" into the SharePoint search bar, none of these documents get listed. For other columns which contain different information about the files, e.g. Product Line or Application, this problem does not exist and that information is searchable. So it occurred to me that I probably need to enable the searchability of content types somehow. Does anyone here have a clue how to go about this?


Content types are crawled in SharePoint Online by default. You can see this by going to the "Manage Search Schema" page normally found at:


The crawled property for content types is ows_ContentType which is mapped to the managed properties ContentType and SPContentType.

I don't believe these managed properties are searchable but you can map ows_ContentType to your own managed properties which you could make searchable.

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