I am trying to set a validation setting to display an error message. I have a column Type set to choice (Radio buttons) with two options (No Time and Minutes), I have a further column MinutesSet set to number.

What I need is that if Minutes is selected from the Type choice the column MinutesSet must contain a number.

I would also like that if No Time is selected from the Type choice and the user enters a number in the MinutesSet column it will display error.

What would the formula be and should I just use the Validation in the Minutes column as this is available or should I use the Validation option in the generic settings?

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Here is a sample formula you can use via List settings > Validation settings:

=IF([Type]="No Time",ISBLANK([MinutesSet]),TRUE)

Reference: IS functions.


You need to apply the following Form Validation to your list:

=IF(OR(AND(DataType="Minutes",MinuteSet>-1),AND(DataType="No Time",MinuteSet="")),TRUE,FALSE)

Note: Replace column names and values as per your list

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  • Thanks for your help, this solved my query! Mar 3, 2021 at 7:41

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