I created on folder with subfolders and grouped by the folder name. but how to create 3 folders with subfolder for example:

Folder X with subfolders Grouped by folder X

Folder Y with subfolders Grouped by folder y

Folder Z with subfolder Grouped by folder z

any help please?

enter image description here

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If you mean to display subfolders on the same list view with parent folders, it is not possible with built-in solutions.

It is only supported to group by folders/items on the same level. And I don’t think you can group the subfolders using parent folder name either.

Consider using custom solutions to display all subfolders only in a list view (the parent folders Folder X, Y, Z do not show up) and then apply group by feature.

See possible solutions via this post: Have a web-part display only sub-folders?

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