I currently have 2 Windows 2012 servers to support a 2013 SharePoint environment. One server has 2008R2 SQL on it, and the other server has SharePoint 2013. Both of these servers are virtual machines and due to time constraints I would like to do an "in-place" upgrade with no changes. Is this possible and what should I look out for? Thx!

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I've had good success with in-place SQL Server upgrades; they've generally been quick (<20 minutes) and without issues. You should make sure your SharePoint 2013 farm is up to date before you patch, or at least patched above SP1 + May 2014 CU.

What I'd recommend if you absolutely have to do an in-place upgrade of SQL:

  1. Turn off your SharePoint server.
  2. Backup all of your databases.
  3. Perform the upgrade. Verify with SSMS that your databases are online/not showing any errors.
  4. Turn on your SharePoint server.

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