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Our employee and he is the customer gave the task for the implementation of his project in the portal. The initial technical task consisted in displaying the entered data in the form of graphs. But after talking with him, I understand that the task is actually more difficult than it is. enter image description here

  1. I need to visually display the upper levels of the data pyramid. (left side in the picture). it would be logical to hide nested sub-items with names under the spoiler.
  2. when clicking on them, there should be a transition to the page of the second and subsequent levels. There you also need to pull up the data (numbers. According to their values, this indicator will be highlighted in the range. For example: below 30 - bad; from 30 - 60 good; 60 - 100 - ideal;
  3. And by clicking on the third level, you need to get to the statistics page of a specific indicator. It is planned that there will be a sample of a specific indicator by year, and a breakdown by division. And all this will be displayed in graphs.

sharepoint 2016 on-premises and SQL 2014 Create by MinRole = Application with search

Now the question of implementation. As usual, you need to do it all with minimal effort. A sub-site has been created for this resource. Some of the data has already been entered into the portal - into regular lists. I wanted to do it by means of PerformancePoint. But so far it has not been possible to do this (PerformancePoint works with Sql 2016 and I have 2014) Remark. Since we have done everything on-premise, the option of cloud solutions is not considered. (as well as app purchases) As far as I understand, the cloud includes - insignts; Poverviev) Also, the option of displaying on JS is not considered. how else can you implement ??

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