Hey guys I'm a thrown into the deep end SharePoint Admin for a small School. Principal wanted to reorganize the data and wanted to move a folder (7GB) from a SharePoint site to a Teams (which I guess is just another SharePoint site in the end but whatever). For this he used the "move to" option you get when displaying the folder int he webbrowser. Well as you might have expected the move was butchered. Some folder moved completely others are still in the old location. I can't just move them again as you would be able to do in the Windows Explorer where you could just say merge the folders with the same name. It just offers me to rename the folder and keep both wich is not very helpful. A different option for windows would be X-copy in the comandline but that's not an option either.

So I called up MS support and the soltion they came up with was to restore the old directory to before the move and then just start the move all over again.

Is this really the only way? Is there really no other way to fix such a seemingly simple problem? (Except for syncing everything and then using the windows tools bc I can just see that fucking up in many different ways)

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