This is an issue that has bothered me for a while since migrating our organization to the Modern SharePoint UI in SharePoint Online. In Classic SharePoint pages - both on-prem and online - appending the following query string to the page's URL will hide the Page Header and Nav Bar:


Is there a functional equivalent in Modern SharePoint Pages, Lists & Libraries?

Before ?IsDlg=1 in URL After ?IsDlg=1 in URL
Before IsDlg=1 In URL After ?IsDlg=1 in URL

Yes, evidently there is a functional equivalent for Modern SharePoint Pages, Lists & Libraries.
By appending the following query string to the URL of a Modern Page, List or Library, the Page Header and Nav Bar are removed:


SP Lists Example:

SP Document Library Example:

SP Individual page example: https://{YourTenant}.sharepoint.com/{Site Pages}/awesome-page.asps?env=Embedded

See Table Below

Also, there is another query string you can use to ensure that the Suite Bar is rendered, but it only works with Modern SharePoint Pages - not Lists or Libraries.
If used on Lists or Libraries in Office 365, this query string will automatically redirect the user to the Microsoft Lists Application render of the List or Library requested:


Before ?env=Embedded in URL After ?env=Embedded in URL
enter image description here enter image description here

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