I am getting validation error when trying to run the Migration Assessment Tool. To make sure that I am meeting all the prerequisites in the documentation, I am trying to understand which settings on the Central Admin is the following item referring to:

The account also needs explicit Full Control permissions on both Operations > Administrators and Sharing > Permissions on the User Profile service application

I looked hard, but could not find any "Operations" and "Sharing" settings under User Profile on the Service Applications page: _admin/ServiceApplications.aspx

I'll appreciate any leads. Thanks.

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On the Service Applications, highlight the UPSA, then go to the ribbon. The section name is Operations/Sharing, so ignore that. You'll see two obvious buttons: 'Administrators' and 'Permissions'.

  • Thank you Trevor for confirming my suspicion. I have made sure that the server farm is in those sections with Full Control permissions. Still I am getting the validation error. I will post that question separately. But thank you very much for now!
    – Aamir
    Feb 19, 2021 at 15:38

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