enter image description hereI am new to sharepoint!

I have been given a task to create automated document approval workflow for Person A & Person B. So if Person A uploads a document on a folder Person B will be notified with the email notification to approve/reject.

So I have created workflow using my account but whenever Person A uploads the document the email notification is going with my name. How can I do the changes that email notification can go on Person A name.(without using Person A login credentials)


If you are using the Outlook connector, you can send an email as if it came from a shared mailbox. So you need to create a shared mailbox first and on the shared mailbox properties make sure to add your account to send as the mailbox.

Another way is to use the Mail connector which will allow you to send emails from microsoft@powerapps.com and not your email. For more info, watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvNMGsyWooM

  • Is there anyway I can remove Created By field in the email notification generated. – Richa Mohan Feb 21 at 10:55

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