Good day. Problem: The Visio service automatically turns off after (approximately) a day after the forced start from SP CMD. On the page next to the Visio Services line, an error is displayed: In the column, "meets the requirements" - Fix. When pressed and corrected, the service application does not start automatically.

enter image description here Any ideas will help me.

Farm description: Sharepoint 2016; Type: App & Search SQL 2014.

Customized according to many step by step instructions


This is because you are attempting to start it on an Application + Search. Visio Service will only run on a server using a Custom, Web Front End, or Single Server Farm roles.

Note that Visio Services should only run on Front Ends to provide your end users with the best experience.

Description of MinRole and associated services in SharePoint Servers 2016 and 2019

Role conversion using MinRole in SharePoint Servers 2016 and 2019

  • Thank you very much. I study aspects of the server role. Let me know more from you. In my current configuration, will any of the following work: PerformancePoint; PoverView; power BI?? – AlexGR Feb 23 at 6:56
  • (I don't know how the management will decide on the role of the server. But in the near future I need to find a solution for the task of graphs. The client will provide data and I have to display it graphically and even with the ability to switch between indicators. (3 levels of nesting). Maybe you have ideas? Thank you. – AlexGR Feb 23 at 6:59
  • Alex, that sounds like a different question than the one you originally asked -- can you please post that as a new question? Your only option for starting Visio Services is to change the MinRole for the server in question. – Trevor Seward Feb 23 at 16:41
  • ok. I will create. thank – AlexGR Feb 24 at 6:56

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