I have a SharePoint list which contains a column which displays a Custom Item ID created by concatenating the ID field and the last 2 digits of the year (like this 01-21).

In some circumstances it is necessary to create a duplicate of an existing item. in this case, when the new item is created, the user inputs the original items Custom Item ID into a field called OriginalID to maintain a link between the copy and the original.

I want to use a Power Automate flow update fields in the original item when the copy is created. To do this I have created a calculated field which should 'reverse-engineer' the ID column from the OriginalID column by removing the last 3 characters (the hyphen and year digits) from the OriginalID.

This is what my formula looks like:


It is set to return a text string as is the OriginalID field.

when all the necessary fields have correct data input into them the calculated column returns a #VALUE! Error.

Can anyone assist with this problem?

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Use any of the below formula, it should work for you:

=LEFT([OriginalID], LEN([OriginalID])-3)


=LEFT([OriginalID], INT(FIND("-", [OriginalID])-1))


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Microsoft documentation:

  1. LEFT function
  2. LEN function
  3. FIND function

It seems the formula shall be like =LEFT([OriginalID],LEN([OriginalID])-3)

The parentheses are not in the right position

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