I am trying to pass plainid and id as a parameter in query string in URL.

{planid = item.planId}
        { id =item.id}
<td><a href="https://tasks.office.com/credentinfotech.com/en-GB/Home/Planner#/plantaskboard? planId=`${planid}`&taskId=`${id}`" >{item.title}</a></td>
        <td>{moment(item.startDateTime).format('MM/DD/YYYY ')}</td>

I am new to React suggest any way so that I can pass variables in query string in the .tsx file.

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Use this:

<a href={"https://tasks.office.com/credentinfotech.com/en-GB/Home/Planner#/plantaskboard?planId=" + planid + "&taskId=" + id}></a>
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You can use template string like this:

   <a href={`https://tasks.office.com/credentinfotech.com/en-GB/Home/Planner#/plantaskboard?planId=${planid}&taskId=${id}`}></a>

References: Template literals (Template strings)

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