I have synced 3 online document libraries using OneDrive, as follow:-

enter image description here

now I want to stop the sync and delete all the local files and the 3 folders from my PC.. but I do not want to delete those files and libraries from SharePoint.. so how can I do this?


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Please the following steps:

  • Click the blue cloud icon in the notification bar.

enter image description here

  • Click "Help & Settings" and select "Settings"

enter image description here

  • On the Microsoft OneDrive Dialog box, go to the "Account" tab. Please click "Stop sync" link that behind the syncing Document Library.

enter image description here

E.g: "Stop sync" --- "Echo - Documents" and remove "Echo - Documents" in the local File Explorer. You will find this is not affect the files/library on SharePoint.

enter image description here

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