I am trying to update properties of a hubsite after I create it.

Step 1: create the hubsite as a normal site

Step 2: register it as hubsite using tenant.RegisterHubSiteWithCreationInformation()

Code : var hubsiteCreationInfo = new HubSiteCreationInformation() {
LogoUrl = "logoUrl", EnablePermissionsSync = false, Description = "description", Title = "Sample Hub", SiteUrl = "ContextUrl" }; tenant.RegisterHubSiteWithCreationInformation(hubsiteCreationInfo.SiteUrl, hubsiteCreationInfo); await adminCsomRoot.ExecuteQueryAsync();

Error/exception: The list item could not be added or updated because duplicate values were found in the following field(s) in the list: [HubSite, Site].

Do we have a way of creating and THEN updating properties of a Hubsite. or we only can create it along with the properties provided? Namewise RegisterHubSiteWithCreationInformation seems like a method we should be able to use after creation; similar to RegisterHubSite(which works fine in the above case)

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This method is used to create a new site as a hub site. For existing one you should use RegisterHubSite(url) method.

Use this link for the reference (line 640): ObjectHierarchySequenceSites.cs

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