Company description - Widget Rental Services

2 Lists -

List 1 = Customer Order/Scheduler (Non Calendar) List 2 = Inventory/Asset List

When inputting customer order on list one, we would like to book an asset. We need to pull available asset from List 2. When asset is booked or rented out, we need it to show dates next to asset when pulling up asset availability in Customer Order (list 1).

We are stuck and can not get it figured out. I understand this question is most likely confusing. I am available for a direct message or call if needed.

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This seems to be a many-to-many relationship and you need three lists:

  1. Customers
  2. Assets
  3. AssetReservation

AssetReservation will have two lookup columns, one pointing to Customers and the other to Assets. It will have [Booking] or [Reservation] date plus any other columns as needed by the business requirements.

Customers list (simplified): LastName and FirstName Single Line and FullName Calculated column with formula =LastName&", "&FirstName . Make Title column not required.

Assets list: Rename Title to AssetName, Add AssetDescription as Single Line column, and Add TotalQuantity as a Number column

AssetReservation List: Title column may not required and can be set optional. Add ReservationDate as a Date column. For lookup columns, refer to the screenshots below.

Customer Lookup column

enter image description here

Asset Lookup column

enter image description here

Data Entry form for AssetReservation

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

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