I have setup a content type that everything in a library has assigned to it. I then created a result source that only includes that type.

Then, I mapped crawled properties, in this case, columns in that library, to the managed properties "RefinableStringXX". I have initiated many re-crawls.

Yet, search results are never what I'd expect. For instance, I have 6 files with a revision of "A", recorded in a column "revLevel", which is one of those that I mapped to a managed property.

However, when performing a search where I try to refine to that managed property, my results are not the same results I see in the library that are at that rev level. I get some other documents in the library that have nothing to do with keywords or rev levels I'm searching for.

I have tried tweaking everything. I can't see why the results are not what I'd expect. Is there any way to see how/why SharePoint picked the results it did? I'm stuck, getting unreliable results with no way to figure out why.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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