I'm building a rather large workflow and it's gotten fairly unwieldy to edit in the browser. Refreshing the page takes a full minute, expanding a scope takes several clicks and 30 seconds, and now I can't even expand a full action. See the attached screen shot for the error message, I don't have any idea what it means. I googled it and found exactly 1 result which doesn't apply to me. Kinda stumped here. Should I break up the workflow? Is there a way around this? What exactly is the issue?enter image description here

  • Looks like a throttling issue. How many actions, that is data cards including variables, do you have in your flow? A 365 license can run only 2000 actions per 24 hours, so if you are running other flows with your account, it's possible that MS is throttling your account. – Matiur Rahman Feb 4 at 21:17
  • Yes, this most definitely is a throttling issue. I have a couple of questions, since I have experienced this before: Is The flow triggered by SharePoint or PowerApps? What is the largest number of nested if-then loops in the Flow? Also, are you using the Power Automate Free licensing or the non-Free licensing in your tenant? – A.k.A. Fritz Feb 5 at 0:12

This looks like throttling requests issue.

All the users of Microsoft Power Platform have limits on the number of requests based on the license they are assigned. The following table defines the number of requests a user can make in a 24-hour period:

enter image description here

More information, please refer to this article:

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