I have the following field inside my sharepoint form:-

enter image description here

and i want to send approval emails to all the group/s members (if any) + the individual user/s (if any):-

enter image description here

now i read this link @ https://alextofan.com/2019/10/02/how-to-send-approval-requests-to-groups-in-microsoft-flow/ which mention that i can get the members of an office 365 group, but in my case i need this to be dynamic + i need to build a list of email addresses for the following:-

  1. Individual user/s (If any)
  2. Office 365 group/s member/s (If any)
  3. SharePoint group/s members (If any)




This is way too many requests for one flow. The real problem is, flow cannot tell the differences between these receipts. But we can start with the individual tasks:

  1. A SharePoint group does not have a valid Email address to locate so it will not be accepted as a receipt in the flow.

    As a workaround, you can call REST API to Get Users from the SharePoint group using Microsoft Flow.

  2. For M365 groups, you can change the Group Id in the "List group members" action to custom value and then use the following expression: last(split(triggerBody()?['Approvers']?['Claims'], '|'))

    It extracts the Group Id from the Dynamic Value Approvers.

  3. For individual users in the column, just use Approvers.Email in Assigned to field in the “Start and wait for an approval” action and skip all these processes.

  • so first thing i need to split the entities inside the Approvers field, and then for each entity to try the above 3 steps on each of them? not sure how this will work in reality? can you advice more please?
    – John John
    Feb 4 at 10:37
  • @JohnJohn No, not inside the Approvers field, you need to do the split before the Approval process, by using a Condition action, for example. Feb 5 at 5:48

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