I need to send out documents to particular groups. I'm using the Read/Reviewed workflow because we want to be able to track each person that opens the document and when, for auditing purposes. However, when I send it out to a group, it'll send the document to everyone in that group, but the first person to read/review the document ends the workflow for the whole group. I'm not able to track the individual members on the back end. I've tried both "one at a time" and "all at once" orders when setting up the workflow with the same result. How can I monitor the individual's access to the document without assigning the workflow to each individual person?

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If you are using the "Start a Task Process"action in SharePoint designer workflow, please change the Completion Criteria to "Wait for all responses":

enter image description here

This option will make the workflow wait until all of the responses have been collected.It will return the outcome that received the most number of responses. In the event of a tie, the response that was received first will be returned.

If this is not feasible for you, please feel free to reply.

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