I am using a Power Apps If statement.

I have four questions that must be answered "YES" in order to proceed to the next screen.

If any of them is answered "NO", then navigates to a different screen.

Using following syntax:

If(Dropdown2.Selected.Value="YES" ,
Dropdown2_1.Selected.Value= "YES",    
Dropdown2_2.Selected.Value= "YES", 
Dropdown2_2.Selected.Value= "YES", 
Navigate(Screen1, ScreenTransition.Fade), Navigate(Screen1_2))

Where am I going wrong?

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Try using this:

If(And(Dropdown2.Selected.Value = "YES", Dropdown2_1.Selected.Value = "YES", Dropdown2_2.Selected.Value = "YES", Dropdown2_3.Selected.Value = "YES"), Navigate(YesScreen, ScreenTransition.Fade), Navigate(NoScreen, ScreenTransition.Fade))


If(Or(Dropdown2.Selected.Value = "NO", Dropdown2_1.Selected.Value = "NO", Dropdown2_2.Selected.Value = "NO", Dropdown2_3.Selected.Value = "NO"), Navigate(NoScreen, ScreenTransition.Fade), Navigate(YesScreen, ScreenTransition.Fade))

Change the name of controls, NoScreen & YesScreen with actual name of controls & screens in your app.

Microsoft documentations:

  1. And, Or, and Not functions in Power Apps
  2. If and Switch functions in Power Apps
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    Ganesh, statement worked. As always! Thanks a million for your support!
    – Jose1978
    Jan 30, 2021 at 18:03

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