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Our project needs us to access a certain List in SharePoint and download documents from there using SoapClient and NTLM as mode.

I am able to connect to SharePoint and retrieve the items on the List by looping through the XML and getting the ows_LinkTitle attribute. For each List item "link", we need to access those links and be able to know its depth and the contents that it has. I've seen a similar problem as mine here on Stack but unfortunately his is using php_SPO which is utilizing REST (How can I Download/Access SharePoint Online Documents using PHP / XML / SOAP?).

Any help is appreaciated. Thanks!


SharePoint Online does not support NTLM or Kerberos. Instead you should use the OAuth pattern and avoid using SOAP as it is deprecated.

This previous answer will likely be helpful; the top voted answer includes a link to a PHP library which implements OAuth for SPO using the App ID + Secret pattern (note I strongly recommend not using the username/password pattern as that is insecure).

I would then review Working with folders and files with REST to download your documents.

There is also the "v2" or modern way of doing this via Graph API.

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