I've checked around a few other questions asked around this, but none have really applied to what I am looking for.

Using Sharepoint 2019 Online, we have a sheet that contains 12 different columns. What we want to do, is when someone puts in a number for "PO #" column, that "Date PO Issued" field automatically fill with todays date. This way we can avoid empty fields when accounting is entering info.

I've been toying with a few different calculated values, but none seem to be working. Is calculated value the place for this to be done? Can it even be done?

This is what I came up with for adding todays date


Then tried to add on that to depend on column 2, which is titled PO #. None of these seemed to be proper syntax


(IF([Column 2]="PO #",TEXT(NOW(),"mm/dd/yyyy"))

I appreciate it. Fairly new to administrating sharepoint, so still learning everything.

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You can simply do this with JavaScript on a Script Editor. Let me know if you aren't familiar with JavaScript; i can post some sample coding.

PS: Just saw that this was SharePoint online so won't work unless Script Editor has been enabled.


I will suggest not using calculated column as it is not intended to handle a event triggered task. A formula like =IF([PO #]<>"",NOW(),"") may display the time. However everything user edited the item the calculated column will be updated with the current time, which I assume is not the expected behavior.

For SharePoint 2019, I will assume you do not have access to Power Automate(Flow), so the standard way will be using a workflow to update the item column when the item is created or modified. Check if the "PO #" column is empty , then update the "Date PO Issued" with the current date. To do that you will need to download SharePoint designer and create a custom workflow. Here is an similar thread which you can take as reference:Create Workflow to update a column in a library and a list

  • Appreciate your feedback, and letting me know "Calculated Column" isn't the way to go, so I can stop going down that rabbit hole. I started to look into creating a workflow in Sharepoint Designer, and found something strange. On the web portion of this document, it has different columns than what is showing in Sharepoint Desginer. Sharepoint Designer But in the sharepoint web, it has Date PO Issued which is what I need Sharepoint Online I will keep looking into this on my end to try and learn more.
    – user94592
    Commented Jan 25, 2021 at 16:33

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