How can we update managed metadata column in SharePoint using REST API in Power Automate?

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Before updating, you will first need to get the GUID of required term. A simple request will be like below:

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‘__metadata’: {   

    ‘type’: ‘SP.Data.YourListTitleListItem’   



    “Label”:”Test Value 1″, 

    “TermGuid”:”GUID of the Term”, 

    “WssId”:-1 //which make sure to create an entry in TaxonomyHiddenList if not added. 

  • how to update if managed metadata is multiple select ?
    – kumar
    Commented Jan 22, 2021 at 4:22
  • dude, this WssId = -1 creates a new entry on TaxonomyHiddenList is the real gold here. I don't find this documented anywhere but this works! For my use case we have a list which has a reference column to a managed metadata field, and the REST API requires an entry on TaxonomyHiddenList for the updates/inserts to our list work right. Could not figure out how to add to the hidden list programmatically, but this works! Commented Jun 27, 2022 at 16:15

You have to use Send an HTTP request to SharePoint with the below API

/_api/web/lists('Libray-List Name')/Items(ItemID)

enter image description here

Ref: Updating a row with METADATA FIELD in Rest API

Also, this guide would help you to understand and work with Automate and Managed Metadata fields


  • i tired below test is success but its not updating even in version history it show my name but no updates { "__metadata": {"type": "SP.Data.ControlDocumentsItem"}, "Published": 'Yes', "ApprovalStatus":'Publish', "Title":'@{items('Apply_to_each_2')['Title']}', "Business": { "__metadata": {"type":"SP.Taxonomy.TaxonomyFieldValue"}, "TermGuid":'@{items('Apply_to_each_2')['Business']['TermGuid']}', "Label":'@{items('Apply_to_each_2')['Business']['Label']}', "WssId":'-1' } }
    – kumar
    Commented Jan 21, 2021 at 11:17

If you have a GUID of managed metadata term then you can use SharePoint REST API to update managed metadata column in SharePoint using Power Automate.

Check below articles for detailed steps:

  1. Updating A Managed Metadata (MMS) Column Dynamically In A SharePoint List Using MS Flow
  2. Microsoft Flow: update Managed Metadata Column of a Document Set
  3. Microsoft Flow: update Multi value Managed Metadata Column of a Document Set - If you have multiple selection enabled

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