I'm trying to adjust the way that a SharePoint Number Column displays its value so that it can include a specific unit of measurement. I want people to enter into the field only a Number, but for the column to display with the suffix " ft²".

I've managed to accomplish this using column formatting with the following JSON:

    "$schema": "https://developer.microsoft.com/json-schemas/sp/column-formatting.schema.json",
    "elmType": "div",
    "txtContent": {
        "operator": "+",
        "operands": [
            " ft²"

However, this removes the thousands separator. So for a value entered of "10000" into the column displays as "10000 ft²" instead of "10,000 ft²".

Any suggestions for appending a unit to a Number column so that it retains the thousand separator?


As a workaround, you could create a calculated column and add the following formula:


Test result:

enter image description here

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