I have a task to recreate a SP2019 on-prem farm. Originally it was installed with Polish language, so both Central Adm and the site are in Polish. Now the idea is to have the English version installed, but separately install Polish language pack, so Central Adm will stay English but the main Site collection will be in Polish.

The question is about data migration: can I simply backup & restore this SPSite on this new farm installation, or will there be a version mismatch?

If this is off the table, what other possibility remains? Manual recreation? Is there some PS script which could help me with migrating data?

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In most straightforward migration scenarios, if you have already installed the corresponding Language Pack for SharePoint 2019, you will not encounter a mismatch issue due to the Polish Language Pack.

In your case, You have to do the following:

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  • Indeed, I've tried restoring backup and it works. Thanks!
    – n0e
    Jan 16, 2021 at 14:06

If what you want to do is change the language of Central Administration for a user, that is easy to do without re-installing. You can go the Central Administatration's Site settings -> Language settings -> choose English (or Polish) as the alternate language. The CA language will then be determined by the user's language in their profile, or if it is blank then by the browser language.

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