I have a list with each list item has unique permission. Now I need to remove specific user from the item level permission using Power Automate.

I know there is REST endpoint for removing group but not user:


kindly help me on this.

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There is a REST endpoint to remove user permissions from list item.

Use this endpoint:


Replace <userID> with the actual user ID.

Microsoft documentation: Users, groups, and roles REST API reference

  • Thanks for the suggestion. I actually want to remove the user directly from the item level permission means let's saya user xyz is there having permissions showing as 'Contribute,Edit,Read'. Now if I use above api I need to make 3 http call instead I want to remove the user from the permission settings page of the item. Jan 15, 2021 at 3:19
  • How and why are you adding multiple permission levels to same user on single item? is it coming from group permissions? Jan 18, 2021 at 11:55

To remove all roleassignments, use the following endpoint (with a POST):


Note the omission of the parameter "roleDefId".

Or, if you prefer, use a DELETE to this endpoint:


Note that the second approach will throw an error if the user has no existing roleassignments, whereas the first approach will not fail.

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