Anyone got any easyish ideas for styling this global nav menu in a modern UI SharePoint Team site? The text is so tiny these days, and the child site model works better for this team as all content is managed by the Learning&Development group. (Big Global org, so no access to use PnP SPFx, and no chance to change tenancy settings. Need something we can do at a Site collection level really). Google is not my friend today! Is there anything we can do? Can this menu be formatted?

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Don't use that nav. Instead set your Team site as a Hub site so you get the modern nav.

Alternatively if you don't want to Hubify the Team site, you can use a Comm site which has the same modern nav without being a hub.

Manipulating the DOM via CSS/JS in modern sites is unsupported and customizations will likely break over time as Microsoft makes changes to the DOM.


There is no OOB settings to change the style/look for the Global Navigation in modern Team Sites. This option is available in Communication Sites though.

If you are not open for using SharePoint Framework (which is also not recommended, as Trevor says), then you are out of options.

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