I have set up a workflow in Power Automate, which creates a Team on MS Teams and then sets up a link to the new Team's files, by constructing the URL https://{Tenant}.sharepoint.com/sites/{TeamName}/Shared Documents/General.

The issue is that the General folder is not created in the Shared Documents library until someone opens the 'Files' tab in the channel, so the link gives 404 after the Team is created.

Once somebody opens the 'Files' tab, the link starts working immediately.

If I navigate to https://{Tenant}.sharepoint.com/sites/{TeamName}/Shared Documents it works fine, but the General folder isn't there..

The reason I'm trying to link straight into the General folder is because some of the users access it on Teams and others via the link, so I need to make sure files are uploaded to the right location.

Is there any way to 'force' the General folder creation? If I would set up a folder myself using Power Automate step - would it work on Teams?

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