In SharePoint Online I want to create sub-items in Document library/List and wish to reference a Teams, Group or Outlook calendar event.

Is it possible to create a SharePoint List item when an event is created in the above calendars? Then this could be used as a lookup for other document libraries.

Alternatively, is there an Outlook equivalent custom calendar that I can add to SharePoint that allows the same functionality (Create Team meetings, etc ..). Potentially I could add additional functionality to allow a SharePoint list item to be created

I'm looking for an option that can be deployed easily as want to automate the replication of solution for many projects. I think using Power Automate / Power Apps may not be suitable as I cannot create replications easily.

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Synchronize a SharePoint Online Calendar with Outlook.

Please the following steps:

  • Sign in the site collection as an admin and create a Calendar App.
  • Go to the Calendar List page, click CALENDAR ribbon page, and then click on "Connect to Outlook" option and it will ask for a permission to open Outlook.

enter image description here

  • Click Yes and it will open in Outlook. It will prompt you to add the user account and password; enter the user account, password and click on calendar option in Outlook, which is shown in the screenshot given below.

enter image description here

  • We can see two Outlook calendars. On Outlook, we can uncheck unwanted from here and select, which we need.
  • Just add the Event or Meeting here or on the SharePoint Calendar List and it will take an effect i.e. either updating from Outlook or Office 365 SPO calendar list.

enter image description here

More information, please refer to this article:

  • I've sync'ed up the SP online calendar to Outlook on-prem. Working in Outlook, I am able to add an event in the SP calendar. This functionality appears to be missing from OWA. i.e. After syncing, I cannot see SP calendar in OWA. Jan 12, 2021 at 12:22

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