I couldn't find the documentation on if we (an admin) can delete the owners of a security group and if we can, what happens if we did delete them from the organization (either through AAD or Microsoft 365 Admin Center). I would really appreciate your help, if you happen to know.

Edited: Here "Deleting" means deleting/removing the user from the organization due to being retired or laid off or left the company.

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An Office 365 group is a Security Group within Azure Active Directory.

Groups have their own permission model that comprises the roles Owner and Member.

  • Owners: manage the group (e.g. changing titles, managing members and privacy settings)
  • Members: collaborate around content (e.g. conversations in Yammer and Outlook, documents within a SharePoint team site)

If the admin deletes the owner of the Security Group, this user no longer has Full permission of this site collection and cannot access the site collection. Unless the admin grants access permission to the user later.

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Delete user from Office 365 Group(Security Group) owners.

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This user no longer has Full permission of this site collection and cannot access the site collection.

Office 365 Groups are a new breed of security groups. It is not just a security group, but a security group with “benefits.”

You can read more about an Office 365 Group here.

  • Appreciate your reply. sorry I wasn't clear. By deleting a user, I mean a user being deleted or removed from the organization/tenant. And it is strictly about the security group because Microsoft 365 groups can be created by non-admin users whereas security groups can be created only by Admins.
    – Aks
    Jan 7, 2021 at 10:50
  • Hi, Aks. I have updated the answer, hope this helps you. Have a nice day! Jan 8, 2021 at 1:02
  • Hi, EchoDu_MSFT. Thanks for you reply. And very sorry for delayed reply. Been away due to Covid. If I may pick your brain some more - Imagine there is a security group (not an office group even though they are a better version of security groups) which has owner X and member Y. Now, the time passes, the user Y and X both leave the company for better opportunity. So, after everything is done, these two accounts are of no use to company, the admin removes/deletes them from the AAD (not from group). What happens to the group now? Does it become orphan? Does any admin automatically become owner?
    – Aks
    Feb 9, 2021 at 18:27

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