Hi I want to prepare a SharePoint 2016 Intranet farm with Workflow manager, Now I have 2 Servers, and I have plan to use one for SharePoint 2016 and Second for Workflow manager. My question is later can I install SharePoint on Second workflow manager server if it required?


The Workflow Manager can be deployed as a part of a SharePoint farm or as a separate farm.

In your case, you should think about 2 things:

  1. Performance.

    • If you are thinking about performance, so I would recommend installing it on a separate farm, and no need to install sharepoint on this server.
  2. High availability.

    • If you are thinking about SharePoint farm High availability, so I would recommend installing SharePoint on both servers, then install the workflow manager as a part of this farm.

Note: the supported Workflow Manager topology consists of 1 server or 3 servers for high availability. (No need to install SharePoint on WF farm)

To install WF manager, Check the detailed steps at


Workflow manager can be installed on the same server as SharePoint or on a dedicated server:

Install and configure workflow for SharePoint Server

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