I'm triggering a Flow from a SharePoint library following this post, basically json column formatting with a customRowAction. That part works fine and I've used it many different times.

I'm using the Manually trigger a flow as the trigger and have added some required user inputs. trigger with user inputs. If I manually test the flow, it brings up the dialog for user input. But if I trigger the flow by clicking on the link in my library it doesn't request user input — so of course the flow doesn't work because the inputs are required.

I've tried copying my flow and even creating a new one; changing the guid in the customRowAction each time. The flows always start and if I check the run information it shows it ran, but the required user inputs are never displayed.

I've also cleared my cache and tried different browsers -- chrome, edge, even IE 11.

Any idea what is going on?

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Although I'm not seeing any MS article on this, but noticing the same behavior for Manually trigger a flow. I would recommend using For a selected file or For a selected item trigger instead. When JSON formatting is used to run these types of Flow by selecting a file or item, the Run-Flow panel is opened up for the input values. Also, noticing that no Manually trigger flows are available in the dropdown menu under Automate, but others types are available to run.

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Per my test it's same issue with you, column formatting button will not pop up input text box when we use "Manually trigger a flow".

So I think "Manually trigger a flow" will only works at flow dashboard, if you want to manually trigger a flow in SharePoint page, change the trigger to "For a selected item", which will pop up the input text.

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For information about Microsoft SharePoint Connector in Power Automate for your reference:


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