We are planning to move to SP online and have a small site with a big document library having versioning enabled.

We don't need to invest in a paid tool for such small site and are thinking to use SharePoint free migration tool from the Microsoft. Does the SP Migration Tool support files migration with version?

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If you are talking about SharePoint Migration Tool (SPMT), so the answer is YES.

The Version is a supported item in SharePoint Migration Tool, and it will be preserved based on your setting.

  • Migrate file version history: If set to Off, only the most recent version of the file will be migrated. If set to On, you can choose whether to keep all versions or limit it to a specific number.
  • Keep all versions If set to On, all versions of a file will be migrated.
  • Number of versions to migrate Enter a number to limit the number of file versions migrated.

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Read more, about supported items and how to use SPMT at SharePoint Migration Tool


Keeping versions/Version History is fully supported while using SPMT.

One more thing you should know, if you choose to migrate all versions with the contents, make sure you have all documents/items approved/published when you have versioning enabled, since the draft items (which are in status of “Pending”) will be migrated as well.

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