Can you please help with this formula.

=IF([Result2]<=3,"Low",IF(AND([Result2]>=4, [Result2]<=6),"Low Med",IF(AND([Result2]>=7,[Result2]<=12),"Medium",IF(AND([Result2]>=13, [Result2]<=16),"Med Hi",IF([Result2]>=16,"High","")))))

It works in excel however not in a calculated column in sharepoint online.

Cheers Brett

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I can't find any error in your formula!

  IF(AND([Result2]>=4, [Result2]<=6),"Low Med",
      IF(AND([Result2]>=13, [Result2]<=16),"Med Hi",

below are some points to check from your side

  • Make sure that the field name is correct
  • Make sure that the field type is number without fractions
  • Make sure that the field is supported in a calculated column

Check this Supported and Unsupported Columns In SharePoint Calculated Column Formula

  • Note: the calculated column formula is only calculated or updated in the following cases:

    • Add New Item.
    • Update Existing item.
    • Update the calculated column itself in the List Setting.

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