Is there a way to show show a graph of server availability by using PerformancePoint?

We'd like to be able to show a constantly updated graph (every 10 minutes or so) of whether certain servers are up. Is this possible through PerformancePoint? We are using SharePoint 2013.


You could build something like this in PerformancePoint, but it would not be a simple task. OOTB it won't poll your servers for uptime. You would need something to poll the servers, that would write to a data source (SSRS) for PerformancePoint to read from.


I would like to clarify something, the PerformancePoint service in SharePoint is not related measure SharePoint Performance or its server availability.

PerformancePoint Services in SharePoint Server is a performance management service that you can use to monitor and analyze your business. By providing flexible, easy-to-use tools for building dashboards, scorecards, and key performance indicators (KPIs), PerformancePoint Services can help individuals across an organization make informed business decisions that align with companywide objectives and strategy. Read more at PerformancePoint Services in SharePoint Server overview

So it's just a SharePoint BI tool to visualize and show the data in SharePoint and as I earlier mentioned it doesn't help to build a graph for server availability without the existence of such data sources that hold info about server availability.

In case, you are data source is available and you just looking for a BI tool inside SharePoint. so you have to use PerformancePoint service. Check Using PerformancePoint Dashboard designer in SharePoint. However, you may find some difficulties and limitations in this tool, So it's recommended if you have a license to use Power BI Report Server or SSRS 2016. check more about this at

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