I have a choice field I mapped to a managed property, but it gets no results in search and I'm not sure I picked the right crawled property. In Msft's haphazard approach to this process, there's no clear indicator which crawled property is the correct one. I mapped this to RefinableString08: ows_q_CHCS_Category

And the query which works in other situations, is this:

Path:"https://xxx.sharepoint.com/sites/xxx/xxx-Documents"  RefinableString08:Global

Where can I find out the differences between ows_q_CHCS_Category, ows_q_CHCM_Category and ows_q_TEXT_Category and which one should be used?

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For choice column, the crawled property name is ows_q_CHCS_SiteColumnName. For choice column (allow multiple selections), the crawled property name is ows_q_CHCM_SiteColumnName.

Here's a reference for you:

Automatically created managed properties in SharePoint Server

  • Thanks, that's what I picked and it eventually started working.....
    – matt
    Dec 22, 2020 at 23:19

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