I have an application in which I have to record payments which are sent to the customers,

So, I have a Form control and a Camera control, I want to save both of the information into a SharePoint Document library, because of the Picture control ( it can be saved in document library. ).

I have a flow for the Camera control to save the taken picture into the document library, but I am having some issues.

  1. I am unable to save both the form details and its related camera picture with the same ID into Sharepoint.

  2. The Camera isn't displaying in full screen to capture the picture. enter image description here

Any help?

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Per my understanding, this need is more related towards PowerApps, you can go to this forum which is dedicated to PowerApps to seek more professional advice.


use GUID function to store with same ID and I suggest you to don't use forms if you want to customize. Use Input fields, label and camera controls then you can easily set size and everything.

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