We have a SharePoint online site. The default documents library has more than 2000 document. Now client wants to see the unique views count for the respective document he has opened in the DispForm.aspx page.

Is there any out of box option to configure or set the same.

Request you to guide me on this.

Thanks in advance!


From OOTB, you can try activating SharePoint Viewers Site Feature, which Displays to site members the names of people who viewed files or pages on their site, to see if that meet your requirements.

Site Settings >> Manage Site Features (under Site Actions), and enable the SharePoint Viewers feature

It will show the viewers' information as shown in the screenshot below:

enter image description here

  • Thanks for the reply!. How much time it takes to display the viewer information post feature activation? – Kailash Sahoo Dec 15 '20 at 8:58
  • Since I didn't have that many docs in the library in my testing, it was immediate. However, I'm guessing that it might take up to 30 minutes for it to take effect in SharePoint online – Matiur Rahman Dec 15 '20 at 13:05
  • Yes, finally got to see the User count. Thanks for the guidance! – Kailash Sahoo Dec 16 '20 at 12:20

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