I am testing Patch functionality on PowerApps to store records on a SharePoint list.

I created a simple dropdown and button to test functionality. I do have a formula error, that I cannot figure out?

Note: SharePoint list column has been set to text. Can any one help? Thanks a million!

Patch(SelfAssessments, Defaults{SelfAssessments} {AssessmentType: (Dropdown1. Selected.Value})

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I can see that there are some syntax errors in your formula:

  1. Extra space in your formula after the name of your dropdown control.
  2. Wrong parentheses for Defaults function.
  3. Missing one comma after Defaults.
  4. Extra Parenthesis before Dropdown1. Selected.Value.

Try using:

Patch(SelfAssessments, Defaults(SelfAssessments), {AssessmentType: Dropdown1.Selected.Value})

Microsoft documentations:

  1. Patch function in Power Apps
  2. Defaults function in Power Apps
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    Dearest ganesh! You are a start! It did work! thank you sooo much!
    – Jose1978
    Dec 9, 2020 at 8:46

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