I have a list of 700+ items that I need to add to SharePoint. I know I can just copy/paste the items from excel in Grid View on SharePoint. But each item has it's own attachment, which is a PDF - only one attachment per item. What's the easiest/shortest method to upload each item with it's attachment?

All I have right now is an Excel file of the names of the items only. Then the PDF's are still currently sitting in a folder on my computer. I have not attached the PDF's to each item in excel. For that, I'm thinking I'll have to write a script in Python - unless there is an easier method with SharePoint that I'm overlooking.


From my perspective, the easiest way would be to build a database table to contain the items along with attachments, MS Access for example, and then export to SharePoint list using the OOB External Data Export option. But working on 700+ items is not an easy task to begin with.

There are other options though. You can use PowerShell commands to bulk add attachments to SharePoint list items, or using REST API instead.

Here are a few references in case you need them: SharePoint Online: Add Attachment to List Item using PowerShell. / Upload multiple file attachments in sharepoint list using REST API On SharePoint Online.

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