I have created shared mailbox for our team: TeamMail@inbox.com.

Currently I am trying to use it in one of my flows. Flow gets triggered when new item is added to list, there is a condition that if Status of created item is Open, it send an email.

Email is sent on behalf of Team Mail.

Question: How do I get it to stop using my name as on behalf and just send an email using shared mailbox?


I would suggest you use "send an email from a shared mailbox" action.

And to let it work, we need give 'Send on behalf' permission to 'the connection account that run this action' from admin.microsoft.com as Create a shared mailbox

enter image description here

Reference: Sending emails as a shared mailbox

Also, If you are creating a new flow then you can start with using below flow template which has same use case as yours:

Send an email from a shared mailbox when an item is created in SharePoint

  • I have tried this option too and it is still sending emails on behalf of Team and not from the Team.
    – meiteniite
    Dec 9 '20 at 8:40

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